Raising Money for Prostate Cancer and Macmillan Nurses

Vic Leach is the Chairman of Hawkwell Parish Council and has been a District Councillor in the past as well.  We were rather shocked to get the following message out of the blue on our facebook page which despite his illness shows Vic’s fine sense of humour.

My oncolgist is giving me a fine spring gift, something called keemo threppy. Tried the first bit today, nothing’s fallen off and everything seems to be where I saw it last, hooray. I’m having a sponsored head shave next week, half for prostate research (extra quid may make all the difference), and half for Macmillans keeping in their good books). Pounds, dollars, zlotys all welcome. I’ll message address for those willing.

Vic is happy for us to share this with you and if you want to watch the sponsored headshave it is being held on 11 April at 11 o’clock in John The Barbers, 63 West Street, Rochford.  Please give generously.  If you want details of where to send the money please contact us for details, or give in person on the 11th.