Rochford Council to Review the Core Strategy

Rochford Council is to review the Core Strategy this Wednesday at a meeting of the Local Development Framework Committee.  As the report puts it:

This report considers options in the approach the Council may take to a review of the Core Strategy, and seeks Members’ views on the way forward.

The reason for this is the Core Strategy only has a policy for housing provision to 2025, which is less than 15 years from the date it was adopted, in late 2011.  To be legal the Council has to review the Core Strategy and make sure it has housing policy provision for 15 years from now, in other words to roughly 2027.

The options being considered by the committee range from a full review to a tweaking of housing policy H3 and are summarised below.

  • Option A: Review Core Strategy in its Entirety
  • Option B: Review Housing Policies in their Entirety
  • Option C: Quantums in Policies H2 and H3 Revised to Ensure Adequate Housing Provision to 2031
  • Option D: Additional Policy to Core Strategy Covering Period 2025-2031
  • Option E: Re-Consider and Revise Policy H3

The document can be read in full here.

As you would probably be aware we have been very critical of the Core Strategy in its current format and would welcome option A and a completely new Core Strategy, however that is probably unlikely to occur given the timescales and we would accept option b as a compromise.  This would also allow the Localism Act to be reflected in the Strategy as well as the proposed National Planning Policy Framework.

The Councillors on this committee are:

Cllr Chris Black
Cllr Mrs H Glynn
Cllr K Gordon
Cllr K Hudson
Cllr C Seagers
Cllr Mrs C Weston

As the report says these Councillors will have to decide which option to recommend.

It is proposed that the Sub-Committee considers the various options for early review of the Core Strategy and RECOMMENDS which option is to be pursued, or alternatively, whether a different course of action should be taken.

In theory the recommendation is to the Portfolio Holder for Planning & Transportation, Cllr Keith Hudson, and they are able to make the decision themselves.  In the past however Cllr Hudson has left it to the Full Council to decide on these matters based on the recommendation put forward, we wonder if he will do the same this time?

The meeting starts at 7.30pm in Committee Room 4 at the Civic Suite in Rayleigh.  It is a public meeting so anyone can attend, although they cannot speak.

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