No water in Hullbridge

It seems that most households in Hullbridge woke up this morning to find they had no water.

We have spoken to Essex Water about the burst pipe which is affecting Hullbridge and it is the one in South Woodham, a main trunk supply. Essex & Suffolk are currently putting a divert in which will give Hullbridge some water (enough for a cup of tea, flush the toilet etc but not enough for a bath). They are expecting a full service to be back by this evening.

The burst pipe has caused Riverside Primary School to close and on looking in the local shops bottled water has sold out.

Water for Hullbridge comes under the River Crouch from South Woodham, you can see the entrance to the tunnel carrying the pipe next to the slipway, a large round manhole cover (which is locked).

UPDATE – 10.31am
Just had a phone call from Essex & Suffolk Water confirming the divert has been put in, mine now appears to be back running.


2 thoughts on “No water in Hullbridge

  1. Thank you for posting about this – very little info out there – notably missing from Essex Water site!

  2. Thank you, Michael.. I did ‘phone Essex and Suffolk water early this morning.A lady called Hayley was most helpful and advised-at that point-they couldn’t estimate just when water would be back on as ‘the Team’ was only just on its way.
    Your updates are most informative.

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