Rochford Councils Administration seems to be in a bit of a mess over its planning policy for future housing developments in the District.

The Council has still not looked at the consultation undertaken over a year ago where residents gave their views on the sites chosen by the Council for large-scale developments in the District  with 500 houses planned for Hullbridge, 600 for West Rochford (Hall Road) 175 for Hawkwell (Christmas Tree Farm), 750 for Rawreth plus others.

Residents wrote many letters of objection giving reasons why the sites were not suitable or sustainable, Hullbridge alone  hand delivered 891 letters only 4 of which were in favour and 887 against.  Other areas also wrote letters in the hundreds with over 99% against the sites chosen.

This consultation has been sitting there untouched since that time with no discussion in Council or by the committee formed to oversee the whole project.

We believe that this situation is scandalous and although the Council trots our reasons why they cannot move forward on this it is obvious that these are for show.  It seems very unlikely that our letters will never be discussed and the Council will try to plough on with the plans unchanged and the consultation ignored.

The Green Party have now promised that if Diane Hoy is elected for Hullbridge on this coming Thursday she will put forward a motion to discuss this consultation, a motion needs a seconder which would then be possible as the Green Party will then have two members on the Council allowing them to more ably hold the Council to account on this and other issues.