A new era of politics or a one off?

It seems that Hullbridge has been swamped by politicians over the last two weeks.  You can’t turn a corner without bumping into the MP or a small posse of Politicians with rosettes on delivering leaflets or knocking on doors.

This is certainly a change from last year when Michael Hoy won in Hullbridge for the Green Party.  Then it seems 3 of the parties did leaflets  and there was no canvassing from any of the parties apart from the Greens.

It seems the other Party’s have learnt from that lesson last year and have decided to “hit” Hullbridge hard with big campaigns (well for Hullbridge anyway); a taste, albeit a small one, of how a marginal constituency must feel during a General Election.

How is Hullbridge taking to this, I’m not sure.  We (The Green Party is not immune from this either and we do do this year round not just at elections) have been met on the doorstep positively over the last week or so but sometimes you can see the wariness of those answering the door and the comment being made of “not more of you”.

There is also the number of leaflets going out, as you walk along the roads there is often a sense someone has been there just before you or perhaps someone else is not far behind doing the same, and as you put the leaflet through the letter box you can see other recently deposited ones on the mat.  At least there is a lot of bed time reading in Hullbridge at the moment.

Whatever happens in this election, and obviously we hope Diane Hoy wins in Hullbridge for the Green Party, it will be interesting to see what happens next year, whether Hullbridge reverts to a normal election year with just a few leaflets and no bussed in Politicians, or whether it is a foretaste of what is to come.

All we hope is that people read the leaflets, listen to the arguments and then vote for what they believe is best for Hullbridge, probably for the first time in many years no one can say they haven’t had anyone knock on my door.


2 thoughts on “A new era of politics or a one off?

  1. It is being treated as a marginal by all three parties it would seem. Which is great, but it might shock the poor people of Hullbridge who are not used to activity the way residents of Kursaal ward in Southend are for example.

  2. The lack of activity is a relative recent thing for Hullbridge. People should remember that Hullbridhe was in the Guinness book of records for mamny years with its 39inch ballot form from 1967. In the sixties and seventies there was three regular papers published by Labour tories and residents. and when 1973 started major compettion between parties. Labour was fairly dominant for the next 25 years then a complete stop to political activity as the tories dominated

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