Big Cuts in Grants from Rochford Council

Rochford Council has released details of which organisations have been succesful, or not, in their grant application for this year.

Three Hullbridge organisation bid for a grant, The Hullbridge Centre (in Windermere Avenue), The Hullbridge Community Association (in Pooles Lane) and the 1st Hullbridge Scout Group (temporarily at the school).

The Hullbridge Centre applied for a grant of £2,500 to install solar panels (presumably on the roof).  The Council decided to give them £1,000 and stated “they could increase the costs for their meals to members in order to meet any shortfall in grant”.

The Hullbridge Community Association faired somewhat better having applied for a grant of £1,490 for the refurbishment of the toilets Rochford Council awarded them £1,000. 

The 1st Hullbridge Scout Group applied for £874.88 and received £500.00.  This was for the purchase of a gas bottle & storage cage as well as two tuff boxes (no I don’t know what a tuff box is).

Although it seems as though Hullbridge has not done too badly on this front, grants to voluntary organisations in the District  have been cut by around £50,000, or one-third and I believe the amount received by the Hullbridge Centre is much less than in previous years.

Some Grant refusals appear to be rather perplexing.  For instance Rayleigh Physically Handicapped Club were refused a Grant of £1,500 on the basis they served only a small number of residents.  To me this is this the sort of organisation that needs a Grant because it does serve a small proportion of residents and does a great deal to help that section of society.  It cannot be measured by how big the Group is but by their needs and the good they do.

A full list of the Grant Applications and the outcomes can be seen here.

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