Candidates for Hullbridge

The Candidates putting themselves up for election on 5th May have now been declared and they are:

Martin Crocombe   (Green Party)
Angela Hale (Tory Party)
Angelina Marriott (Labour Party)
John Hayter (English Democrat)

This election is for seats last elected 4 years ago.  Martin Crocombe has decided to stand for the Green Party after our original candidate had to pull out.  Martin is a strong candidate and is the only candidate with any chance of winning against the Tories who held this seat four years ago with Lesley Butcher, the Incumbant Tory who has decided to stand down for newcomer Angela Hale.

Angelina Marriott is standing again for the Labour Party whilst John Hayter, who has normally stood in Rayleigh (where he lives), has decided to stand in Hullbridge rather than the local Pauline Smith.

Last year the votes were as follows (I have used last years vote as that is the only occasion these 4 parties have stood in this seat).

Green Party    1,446
Tory Party      1,302
Labour              467
English Dem      445