Last chance to Consult on the 500 Houses

Some people will have received the November Newsletter and some are still to do so. Delays have been due to illness/snow/illness/work in that order, however they should all be out by next weekend. This will be just in time as the spring one will be due by then.

The Inspector re opens the enquiry into the Core Strategy (500 houses for Hullbridge) on Tuesday (1 February) and I will be attending the hearing and am down to speak. This hearing is not on where specifically the housing should go but is about whether the total numbers for the District are correct (should they be more or less than shown by the plan).

The hearing on the specific sites will be held later this year and that is the one where from Hullbridge alone over 800 submissions were received by the Council. So many were received that the Council has yet to properly process them or discuss them.

I held a Surgery on Saturday, in the Community Centre, which again did not result in many attendees. The next one is on Saturday 26 March and after that I will ask the Library if I can hold them there. If you do have any queries or problems please do contact me.

2 thoughts on “Last chance to Consult on the 500 Houses

  1. Mike, I suspect you are being diplomatic. The high volume of responses is not really the reason that they have not been processed. Its simply that RDC can officially ignore the overwhelming ‘No’ vote. If they analyse it, they have to take note of it. Not democratic but effective.

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