Parish Plan Meeting – Feedback

Information from the Parish Plan Meeting is now available and can be accessed through the following link

Hullbridge Parish Plan Workshop

A follow up meeting is currently being arranged and everyone who has indicated they want to be involved will have an invitation to attend.If in the meantime you would like to look at the detailed findings you can find those here


2 thoughts on “Parish Plan Meeting – Feedback

  1. Michael,
    This is very interesting reading. The results unfortunately do not show how strong peoples feelings are towards the problems, perhaps this is something that can be discussed with Stella (Rural Community Council) as this would help identify what questions need to be asked.
    I also think it would be useful creating another leaflet to tell the villagers what has happened, perhaps this will generate another level of interest.
    Many Thanks to you and the Parish Council for arranging this.

  2. Yes Gary, I think if we knew the strength of feeling it would allow much better decision to be made. I will pass this onto Stella and put this forward at the next meeting which should be in the next week or so.

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