Hullbridge Parish Plan meeting

This meeting, held on Staurday 16 October at the Hullbridge Community Centre proved to be very succesful.

Over 100 people attended the meeting and although some had come expecting it to be purely about the Housing issue everyone did stay and participate in the workshop that followed.

All who were there completed a few charts so the make up of the people attending could be seen by age group, how long resident and gender.  The details were taken away by the representative from the Rural Communities Council of Essex and will be available to us later, however save a couple of people everyone there was over 40, as it is the intention (and requirement) to have all residents involved I was worried about this, but when i talked after to the person from RCCE she said this was very normal, rarely did people under 40 attend the inital events but they did get involved later.  In fact she was very pleased with the numbers and said it was a good meeting.

In the workshop stage people were encouraged to write on post-it-notes what they thought was good, about Hullbridge, and what they thought was needed or could be improved, these were then put onto large pinned up sheets which had several headings such as Crime, Enviroment, Education etc etc.  I read these after and found a number of concerns people had I had not known about.  Also it was pleasing that people were saying good things as well.

As they left people were invited to leave names and contact details for the next stage where they will be invited back to discuss the outcome of Saturdays meeting and the thoughts put forward.  This meeting will be within the next month.