Taxi Rank for Hullbridge

Essex County Council are proposing a Taxi Rank is placed in Ferry Road outside the Hullbridge Medical Centre.  They are doing this in response to a request from Rochford District Council and Taxi operators.

The Parish Council has been asked for its views and will be discussing it tomorrow night at the monthly Parish Meeting.  If you would like to give your views, which can then be conveyed to Essex County Council then please come along to the meeting.

A number of people who live in Ferry Road have mentioned the Taxi rank to me and are against it.  They say there are problems anyway with parking outside the Chemist & the Doctors without more spaces being taken by taxis and also that the congestion in that part of Ferry Road, which is in any case bad, will just become worse.

They have also said that the obvious place for a Taxi rank would be nearer the river where most people are and where all three pub/bars are.  A diagram of the proposed site can be seen here Taxi Rank


4 thoughts on “Taxi Rank for Hullbridge

  1. Hiya, im also opposed to a taxi rank as suggested outside the medical centre. Parking by the doctors is already a nightmare and even the medical centre has added spaces into its own car park. If the council want one then put it down by the river even better in the commie car park itself. Will there be a petition or some kind of vote? I want to be involved with what happens in the village but with a 2 year old and a new baby due in December its difficult to do this. Can you please let me know if there is anything I can do from home regarding thsi and the parish plan. thanks

  2. This has now made page 2 of tonights Echo, I’ll post a link as soon as it’s available.

  3. Hi. I am also opposed to the taxi rank being outside the doctors in Hullbridge. How ridiculous. With all the space available just a minute down the road it doesnt make sense. Come on councillors, use your brains !

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