The Anchor

At last I have news about the Anchor.

The opening day is going to be Thursday 27 May with doors opening at 11.00am, I myself will probably popping down later that evening to have a look.  They are apparently doing a BBQ on the Bank Holiday Monday, weather permitting.

The Chef is apparently Daniel Watkins, Essex Chef of the year, so hopefully the pub will be a great success and I’m sure we all wish them well.


2 thoughts on “The Anchor

  1. I went there Anchor early Friday evening.
    What a fantastic place. They certainly have invested highly in the structure furnishings & fittings and it has a palacial atmosphere.
    Well done to the new owners.
    It is excellent that Hullbridge has a prominent eating place that will also attract visitors from outside of Hullbridge. Hopefully they will explore the other places around the village.

  2. Very disappointed with the Anchor last night. Went down for a couple of drinks just before nine, sat down with a drink only to be told at 9.40 that they were closing at 10.00 because they were not very busy.

    On top of that the menu only has one vegetarian item on it and that is duplicated on the Sunday Lunch Menu. It looks very unlikely that I will be eating there unless they add to the menu.

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