Hullbridge Action Group

A Public meeting is being held at the Community Centre on Friday 16th April 7.00pm.

The meeting is to organise a letter writing campaign to Rochford District Council protesting and arguing against the 500 houses planned for Hullbridge.  Standard letters will be available which can be amended as required.  The Hullbridge Action group will then undertake the delivery of the letters to Rochford District Council.

Please come to the meeting as hopefully more information will be available at that time on the next course of action.


5 thoughts on “Hullbridge Action Group

  1. Cant we get 5000 letters printed up and get them posted through doors, get each household to sign one and then go and collect them?

  2. Well Done,
    This is just what we need.
    Can we make a couple of large notice boards to place at Watery Lane and the the village sign exiting the village on Lower Road ? We could then use these to advertise events.
    I will send a circular email to my contacts letting them know about the meeting and I advertise on my website I will also make sure all people are informed that I meet.
    Can I do anything else ?

    Thank you !

  3. It has been mentioned about banners and I am seeing what we can do, unfortunatley we have some time costraints at the moment.

    1. I’m sure Doug Boreham and myself can help you there.
      Will you be able to authorise us to put something up alongside but just in front or MF !!!!!
      Do we need the Parish Council’s permission ?

  4. I attended the meeting on Friday 16th April regarding the above, this was the first I knew about the houses, I was amazed at the amount of people who have the same thoughts as me, I was born in Hawkwell and my father helped build the original community centre (that is now the Gold Lion chinese take away) I want to offer my services in any way to help STOP these houses. I have to drop my son off at Riverside School then get to work at Rayleigh Weir, when Watery lane is closed it is a nightmare, god knows what it would be like with 500 new homes. KEEP HULLBRIDGE A VILLAGE, thats why I moved here. I can post letters through doors or knock door to door. Anything I can do let me know.

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