The 500 Houses and the Parish Meeting

A report on tonight’s meeting will follow.  Please do not forget to attend.  7.30pm at the Hullbridge Centre, Windermere Avenue.  Two Officers from Rochford District Council will be in attendance.


There was a very good attendance at the Parish Council meeting last night, most people estimated the numbers at over 250 and some could not get in the doors.

As with the meeting of the District Council when the 500 houses were approved none of the Hullbridge District Councillors attended last nights meeting although Cllr C Black from Downhall & Rawreth did come to support us.  Cllr T Cutmore, Leader of the District Council, did make an appearance but appeared embarrassed by his no-show councillors.

Mr Sean Scrutton, Head of planning, then made a presentation which he had to cut short due to the many questions he received from the floor.  Throughout the evening many questions were put and were evaded by both Mr Scrutton and Cllr Cutmore.

They Insisted consultation took place but the vast majority of people in that room did not know about it until the small article in Ripples appeared.  Cllr Cutmore appeared evasive in replying as to when, where and how consultation took place often returning to the fact it was in Rochford Matters.

Broadly not much was achieved directly but the Council now know that Hullbridge will not stand for having the rest of the Districts Housing needs dumped on us, at one stage we were told these 500 houses are for the people of Hullbridge and not for people moving into the area which was met by a stunned audience.

This meeting now has to be followed through with more action.  The petition will continue and I will carry on campaigning against any housing development on Green Belt Land.  Hopefully we will shortly have arranged another meeting to move this forward.

4 thoughts on “The 500 Houses and the Parish Meeting

  1. I was at the meeting last night but have been left confused as to what we aree supposed to do next, I live down at Kendal Close and although I have signed the online petition I havent seen anyone from the committee down this end, do we all need to write letters as suggested, who shoudl we be voting for…….

    1. Dear Donna and all,
      I think we all can come to the same conclusion.
      We do not want another Conservative councillor as they will tow the party line and especially if that person is on Hockley Parish Council and not from Hullbridge.
      Do you want to vote for a councillor whose party made the housing policy in the first place and who will also have to tow the party line and keep the Local Development Forum ?
      That leaves the English Democratic party who I have not seen or heard from during this issue and Michael Hoy who represents the Green Party and who was responsible for the article in Ripples and who also saw the problem 4 years ago and tried to get the Parish Council to do something about it, he also is the only person trying to improve communication to us in the village about Parish and Local community matters.

      I will nail my colours to the mast and they will be GREEN. I hope the village does the same !!!!
      And I am not saying this just because this is Michael’s blog

  2. There is a meeting on Friday, 7.00pm at the Community Centre. It is a meeting for letter writting to the District Council. Letters will be provided as will pens etc and all the letters will be delivered by hand before the deadline of 30th April.

  3. Do we now assume now that Labour ousted from gov’ment that housing targets abolished & 550 houses proposed H’bridge no longer a threat? Well done your election result

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