District Council Elections – May 6th

On May 6th, as well as a General Election, there will be elections for Rochford District Council which elects a third of its Council seats every three years with a break in the fourth year.  Councillors all serve a four-year term.

At the moment Hullbridge has three Conservative Councillors and as the one up for re-election is standing down, whatever happens there will be a new face at the Council on May 7th.

Rochford District Council has 39 Members.  33 are Conservatives, 5 are Liberal Democrats and one is Rochford District Residence (Independent). 

I belive local elections should be fought on and about local issues and like anything in Government, local or otherwise, such an imbalance as exits on Rochford District is not healthy for Democracy or the people the Councilors are supposed to serve.

One thought on “District Council Elections – May 6th

  1. I agree, and I have to say how disappointed I am with the current crop of councillors. I do not think I am the only one so it will be interesting to see what happens. I just hope people do differentiate between local and general elections otherwise we will most likely see another Conservative landslide in RDC.
    Labour, Green and Lib Dem local councillors should be out talking to villagers about local issues and how they will fight to put things right, but I think they will just sit back and concentrate on the General Election.
    It would send out a clear message to councillors that we do not like them being yes people to National government and large companies if some of them did not get re elected.
    Personally I do not see great benefits having come from the existing Conservative councillors. For me its time for change !!!!

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