500 Houses for Hullbridge

I have had quite a bit of response so far from my short piece in Ripples about the proposed Housing for Hullbridge as outlined in Rochford District Councils Core Strategy.

So far everyone who has contacted me has been opposed to any significant development of Hullbridge to make it bigger.  Most comments are along the lines of the infrastructure being inadequate as it is, Hullbridge has the second highest number of unadopted roads in Essex for instance.

In addition the sewage system barely copes, Watery Lane regularly floods and There is normally a queue along Coventry Hill and Lower Road at rush hour.

I have spoken to a few of the people so far and am considering setting up an Action Group, It may be too late but at least we may have some influence over what happens.  If you are interested in being involved in this please let me know.


3 thoughts on “500 Houses for Hullbridge

  1. I’m very interested in help out to get this actioned stopped. I live in Abbey road and back on to the fields that will be most effected.
    This proposal would not only have an effect on people living close but the whole village life.
    Let me know how we can help.

  2. fabulous! We had a Easter Parade at the Communty Centre. After the children did their parade and went back to class, I told many of the residents about the proposal. Most people were very shocked as they were unaware of this. Derek the care taker has told us that we can have the hall to have meetings with the residents. I have found the web site regarding Coombes Farm protest and if we can do something like this, it would be great http://www.race.moonfruit.com/ I have heard today that the farmer has sold the land to Rochford District Council aready and it has gone to brown belt and that building work coud comence in six weeks! I do not know if we are too late, but boy I wil help fight to keep Hullbridge as a village and not an overspill of Rayleigh town! all the best – Jacquie

  3. The Council has not bought any of this land.

    There are no planning applications to build any houses on this land at the moment. All that Rochford District Council has done so far is to say these four areas are their prefered area for any developments to take place.

    The fields to the West of Hullbridge are Green Belt and are still currently designated as Green Belt. They cannot be re designated as anything else, but the Council can choose to give permission to build on Green Belt.

    In addition The Startegy as approved so far is for building to take place only after 2015 so we have time to change things (if that is possible).

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