Sure Start at Riverside

The Echo has reported about the planned Sure Start Centre which is to be based in the Caretakers bungalow at Riverside School.  The report can be read

We discussed this at the last Parish Council meeting in December as it came up in planning.  I raised the problem of parking as it is often chaotic near the schools during pick up and drop off times anyway.  The car park at Pooles Lane will often be full as in todays times parents often do not have the time to walk children to school and then walk back home before then driving to work for a 9.00am start.

I can see parking become far worse than it already is and I’m sure an accident waiting to happen as people are often driving into the school grounds to pick up children already.  Once the new Centre is open it will increase traffic flow and the District Council must take note of the concerns we raised at the Parish meeting and be prepared to refuse permission if this area is not addressed.

UPDATE: I have been told that this post comes across as anti Sure Start at Riverside.  I must emphasise my support for this initiative, but I am concerned about the assumption that people will walk there rather than drive.  It is obvious that people will drive and that this will cause continuing problems for local residents and this must be addressed at the planning stage.