450 New Houses

Last night at the Parish Council meeting I brought up the issue of the 450 new houses planned for Hullbridge.  While Hawkwell and Rawreth have put up vocal opposition to planned developments in their areas Hullbridge has been strangely subdued. 

Why is this?  Is it because people do not know about the plans, is it because they welcome a development which will increase the population of Hullbridge by around 30%, or perhaps they feel powerless to stop it because, whatever they do, it will happen anyway? 

To give you some idea about the size of this development the new housing in London Road by Asda consists of 160 houses, we will be getting nearly three times that number.  However with the development by Asda money was forthcoming from the developers for other projects such as sports pitches, the leisure centre etc.

If, as a whole, we believe this development will happen anyway I think we should start influencing the outcome now.  This can be done in various ways but the first of these I am proposing is a village plan.

The Parish Council last night decided to start the process and we will soon be holding a variety of meetings to get this up and running.  Obviously we need a committee to run this which should only have token Parish presence so the more people who get involved the better.

Whether you want these houses or not we must start acting now to let people know what is going on and either try to reduce the numbers or at least get something back from the developers.

5 thoughts on “450 New Houses

  1. We have green belt issues in Castle Point. I do support housing targets, after all there is something like 2 million homes required in the UK. I do not support building on the green belt. I wonder whether enough thought has been given to brown field sites? I would also question whether infratsructure will lead or follow this development.

  2. Julian I do tend to agree with the need for new houses but perhaps not where they are to go. If they are properly planned, notice taken of the required infrastructure and also additional amenities provided then new housing can be of great benefit. However when they appear to be “dumped” in a certain area with no thoughts taken of the above then I do oppose them.

  3. Michael, you raise some good points.

    I would add that when the Local Development Framework document was voted through by the District Council on about 10/09/09 none of the three Hullbridge District Councillors were present.

    And Hullbridge almost seems to have been invisible so far in terms of public response. For example, when the issues was discussed by the Central Area Committee on 123/11/08, it was all about Hawkwell and Hockley – the word “Hullbridge” wasn’t mentioned once in the first 90 minutes.

    But if you are looking forward, you are certainly right to focus on what amenities Hullbridge needs. May I be presumptuous and suggest that you compare notes with the Rawreth Parish Councillors? For one thing, the housing will straddle the border with Rawreth, so close liaison will be very important.

  4. Michael,
    Hockley, like Rawreth and Hawkwell, has put up a fight against Core Strategy and HAAP (Hockley Area Action Plan) proposals to decimate the village centre. However, Hockley does have a Parish Plan which was published in 2007. RDC have simply ignored it!
    I wish Hullbridge better luck.

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