School Transport Update

I have now had a large number of calls and emails following on from my brief article in Ripples.

Broadly they are split between those who have never received a free bus pass and those who did but it was then taken away.

A number of people have said they were told, not in writing unfortunately, that the route was through the bridle path behind the school and at least one person has been told it was via Sir Walter Raleigh Drive.

Generally there is a lack of clarity and consistency by the council.  Many parents have measured the route themselves and come up with similar distances to me.  It appears to be clear that the route measurement is wrong and that Essex County Council are very keen not to admit this.  No parent has ever been issued with the map of the route so have had to rely upon what they were told in a telephone conversation.

I will be emailing Essex County Council tomorrow asking for a date by which time I will get a response to my last letter to Cllr Bonnie Hart.  In the medium term (January) I hope to get a group of parents and young people together to walk the route with a measuring wheel.  We will line up publicity for this and I will talk to everyone who has contacted me to find a suitable date.

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