District Councillors

It has been mentioned on another site that the Hullbridge Councillors did not attend an important Local Development Framework meeting.

It should be noted that Hullbridge Councillors struggle to even get to the Parish council meetings.  One Councillor has been to none, yes no meetings, whilst the other has been to one in six years.  The third councillor hasn’t attended for some time.

This is obviously an appalling state of affairs.  Other parishes, notably Rawreth, have the District Councillors attending regularly.  In Hullbridge the one who has never attended a meeting lives in Rochford and can have little idea of what goes on as I have seen them in the village twice.

Perhaps people should look at who they are electing rather than just the Party.  With just 4 (correct me if I’m wrong) non Tory Councillors in Rochford District there are a vast number of people unrepresented in the area.


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